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With the proliferation of NFTs across all manner of brand IP — Coca-Cola, Gucci, Nike, Adidas, White Castle, McDonald's, Burger King, Bacardi, and The Matrix to name just a handful — the day is fast approaching where NFTs will soon need to be released in a clean, buttoned-up fashion.Larger commercial NFT drops will slowly need to migrate from the current Craigslist-Ebay-Esty look, to a more polished Nordstrom-Apple-Tesla feel.That means super clean websites, super easy wallet connectivity & userflows, and the most amazing of “unboxing” experiences.How this all unfolds will of course vary from brand to brand.But if you just think about the Apple iPhone purchasing experience...Apple has created an iconic sensory experience that embodies its brand.Every corner, every edge of the box is clean.The color is an elegant, minimalist white.But this isn’t just about the aesthetics.It’s also about delivering a package that is easy for customers to open, easy for them to identify any included accessories, and easy for them to start using.Plain and simple, Apple sweats the small stuff. Because it matters.And now that NFTs have broken out of its tech circles and gone mainstream — to the tune of $40.9 billion+ — presentation, delivery, and the “unboxing” all needs to follow suit!Beyond this — reinforcing this experience is the notion of this new expectation of also having equity in NFTs — aka having “skin in the game.”NFTs have now essentially opened the floodgates to creating economic incentives for its owners — thus inducing people to be that much more engaged with the brand, and of course to also be incentivized to help build a community that has a strong affinity for the brand as well.Cheers!(Learn More Here)

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